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       Despite many significant achievements in the landscaping sector in Turkey in recent years and even plant production and landscaping applications at international levels, we do not consider the current developments sufficient. I have acknowledged that we need to work a lot harder for this reason. However, it would be useful to state that Turkey has certain advantages in this concern; because Turkey has a distinctive geography of 4 seasons and alternative climatic conditions. Moreover, it also has a young and hard working population structure. Just for these advantages, it would not be so hard to conclude that Turkey will become one of the limited landscaping production points of the world in very near future. We as SMS Marmara Group recognize our sector directing identity and our important share in such developments in line with these achievements and I believe this is a distinctive source of pride for our company. I believe we need to work harder towards these goals without compromising our quality and honesty principles and I extend my gratitude to all who support the development of the sector even with the smallest contributio

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